Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ode to the Balloon

How could I have known that the most entertaining item to give to Ava would cost less than $10, and not be a toy? And so it began: a love affair with a balloon.

I took the girls up to OR to visit my mom and Auntie Natasha for a night. Literally within five minutes of arriving to the house, Ava found her most prized possession -a yellow smiley face balloon- and fell in love. She cried for her balloon when Grandma put jelly on it for a photo op. Just in case you were wondering mom, she does remember the terrible incident.

Ava: "Momma, do you remember when Grandma put jelly on my balloon?"

Me: "Yes Ava."

Ava: "Ya, she was crazy!"

She ate with her balloon.

She took her balloon upstairs to watch cartoons in my bed.

Bronwen and Ava have shown their devotion to the balloon by drawing several pictures of it!

The whole thing is very sweet and funny to watch. It also gave me the answer to how I should decorate the house for Ava's upcoming birthday -with plenty of balloons!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Today is one of the most wonderful days that I am going to remember; it is Conrad and my 7th anniversary. I don't know why this anniversary is so special to me, but it is. For some reason it just feels like we're making history together. We're raising a family, and building on a foundation that has real weight to it. I look at where we started, and I had no idea how beautiful our life would turn out together. I never knew what true love could be like; to have my best friend and lover by my side. Each day I love you more and more, Conrad. Thank you for always taking care of me and our family. You are an amazing husband and father. And, I know I put Shania Twain's "From this Moment" on the playlist for today to celebrate our marriage, but as I'm looking at you, maybe I should put on "Bringing Sexy Back!"
Re. the picture on the bottom. It is of Conrad's legs, and one of my legs resting on the same chair at our old house. Bronwen took it a few months ago. I love it because it shows how much we love to be right next to each other, even after all these years... :-D

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The REAL Children's Museum

Since we've been out here I 've tried to make it a point to go on a big field trip every week with the girls. It gives us an excuse to get out of the house, and is a great way to learn our way around. Today we went to the more famous Children's Museum, which is located in Seattle Square. It's a stone's throw from the Space Needle!

Some of you may understand the significance of this trip. One of my phobias is driving in areas that I don't well. Case in point: I was so freaked out while driving on the six-lane highway (where lanes suddenly end and people fly by you, if I may add!), that when a stretch of pavement got really bumpy I became convinced that there was something wrong with one of my tires, and that I was about to veer out of control at any minute. I knew I was being crazy, so I fought the urge to pull over, and just stayed the course. My car was fine mind you. I only tell you this example so you can understand the ridiculous thoughts and "what ifs" that go through my head when I am driving to unknown locations!

Anyway, we made it and had a wonderful time. I definitely recommend this location to everyone (couples and families)! Within a quarter mile you have the museum, the Seattle Music Project (another museum), the Space Needle, amusement park-type rides, food, etc.. I can't wait to go back!