Thursday, February 21, 2013

Family Date~

Our girls are the most amazing little people in the world.  They always help me, they help each other and they are so good to everyone they're with.  They are hard workers and so talented.  They melt my heart.  What better way to celebrate our girls than to take them out on a family date.

Pacific Science Center -check!

We enjoyed all of the exhibits, albeit Cate wasn't always thrilled.  Conrad and I joked that it felt like we took her to the house of horrors.  Large dinosaurs -agh!  Life-size robotic insects -ugh!  Trapped inside a room with flying insects everywhere (the butterfuly house) -terrifying!  LOL!  Luckily she doesn't seem too scarred as she pretended to be one of the, "scary dinosaurs," and said the butterflies were, "so nice," when she was safe in the comfort of her own home. ;-)