Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great weather for yardwork

This year I'm determined to get the backyard looking like a flower paradise. The past week has involved a lot of edging, removing moss, branch trimming and weed pulling. There were quite a few weeds in the grass though (and they're the type that break off above the root when you try to pull them out), so I put some weed killer on them and am keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully by tomorrow there will be some brown in the backyard (dead weeds).

While I was spraying my little buddy Bronwen wanted to keep me company. She had to stay on the deck while I sprayed, but afterward we took a few pictures together. Ava was inside cuddling with Conrad.

Some exciting news...we're getting new flooring installed in the kitchen on Tuesday. I'll post pics to show the before and after. I can't wait! :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ocean Shores

Last weekend we took a mini vacation to Ocean Shores with the Carris family. I think the pictures of everyone in the hot tub smiling and the "girl talk" sum up how we felt during the trip. It's a great feeling to have friends that become so close they are like family. :-)

The Carris Family

No Seafood!

Bear Hug

Blending of Families

Girl Talk

Ava and Courtney

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Little Things

Yesterday was an amazing day at home. I felt I achieved the culmination of all of the time I've been with the girls for the last 10 months.

Bronwen and Ava decided to set up a circus in our living room. They lay out two blankets for the "audience," which consisted of all of their stuffed animals, and set aside one of our large rugs for the "performers" -actual words from Bronwen, no kidding. I don't know why, but when Bronwen used those words I got so happy because she is such a smart little girl!

Anyway, after the girls got the circus layout situated, they informed me that we needed to put our tickets (cards with letters of the alphabet) into the "mail slots." I then chimed in, "Yeah! When we put in the tickets, we should say the letter and which sound it makes." Well, Ava showed me that now she knows all the sounds. I felt so proud of her, and so happy because I knew she was learning from home. She is also a little genius! :-)

The kicker came last night during dinner. After our regular prayer, Bronwen said, "Mom, can I say something else?" "Of course," I told her. Then came, "And God, thank you for letting mom cook tacos for dinner." And Ava said, "And for a happy day." This melted my heart. These girls have learned to be thankful, hopeful, and faithful.

I love my family so much, and I am so happy to see these little miracles each day.

Thank you God. Amen!