Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

The most meaningful gift is one that is homemade, from your little children. They give all that they have, everything they treasure. Cate made me a pendant in school on Thursday and every day asked me, "Mom? Is it Mother's Day today?" She was so excited for me to see it. Ava invited me to a "Queen for the Day," celebration at her school. She made me a beautiful book, her class read, "I Love You Forever," had a slideshow with a picture of each child and a quote about their mom. Then we had dessert. It was wonderful. Bronwen had the idea of making me a pennant that said, "Happy Mother's Day," and hung it in secret in the kitchen before I came downstairs. Conrad brought me flowers and made his famous breakfast burritos. We went to the Pacific Science Center and saw the Secret World of Spies. We got pizza. This was my favorite Mother's Day. I'm so lucky to be a mom to the best girls in the world.