Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Lost Tooth and Two Ballerinas

On January 14th Ava became the first little girl in the house to lose a tooth. Here's the story...

I took the girls to the gym childcare while I worked out. When we were done, we stopped at Taco Time to get burritos and went home. As we were eating, Ava said, "Mom, I fell at the gym and hurt my chin." I examined her chin, kissed it, and asked her if she was okay. About a minute later, Bronwen exclaimed, "Mom! When Ava fell, her tooth popped out!" I said, "What?! You're tooth popped out?" Ava said, "Yah," and opened her mouth for me to see. Sure enough her bottom right tooth was gone. I couldn't believe it! I called the gym, and they couldn't believe it either!

I guess what happened is that when Ava fell (onto a foam couch of all things), she somehow knocked her tooth out. She cried for a few minutes, but was fine after one of the teachers cuddled with her. Once out of the teacher's lap, Ava told Bronwen, "My tooth popped out." This prompted the two little girls to explore the area. When they found the tooth, they picked it up, examined it, then put it back on the floor. "It was white. It was little. It had kind of like a smooth part," Bronwen told me. They never told any of the teachers.

After we went to the dentist (things are fine), we went back to the gym, but couldn't find the tooth anywhere. We figured the tooth fairy found it before us. The tooth fairy gave Ava a beautiful coloring book and a box of chocolates. Bronwen also got a coloring book for being such a good sister.

The fact Ava only told Bronwen about her tooth showed me just how much they love and trust each other. I hope they will always have such a beautiful and special bond.

"Open up wide!"

"Okay, enough looking in my mouth!"

Some fun news, they started dance class last Tuesday and loved it! Of course they wear their new tutus 24/7!

So pretty in our tutus!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Kitchen, Part II

Not everyone may be familiar with the story of the kitchen cabinets...

When Conrad and I lived in Albuquerque, we hated the cabinets in our old house. Had we stayed, replacing or refinishing them was next on our to-do list. The shape was fine, but the finish was almost a pinkish hue (I knew the correct name at one point, but forgot since then!). So of course with the move, I thought I would have freedom from my pink cabinetry. Unfortunately, the house we fell in love with while house hunting in WA was perfect, except for one thing. You guessed it. It has the exact same cabinets. During the tour I looked at Conrad and literally said, "Well I guess we're never going to escape them" (although I also wonder if we were subconsciously drawn to them because of their familiarity, therefore that's why we liked the house)...

Anyway, I was too afraid to try refinishing them, so I did the next best thing. Today I put new hardware on all the doors and drawers. It's the best $65 I've spent!