Thursday, May 2, 2013

Albuquerque Trip 2013

It's been a few weeks since our magical trip back to Albuquerque.  I honestly started uploading the pictures from my phone onto the blog right when we got back, but blogger wasn't cooperating with me.  I wasted over an hour trying to get things to load right and got so disgusted I stopped.  It's working today, thank God!   
Our trip was incredible.  It's definitely a different feel to go on vacation with the soul intent of visiting people you love versus going around sight-seeing.  We had a beautiful time and I was sad to leave.  My favorite parts were seeing Bronwen, Ava and Cate with their cousins and aunties and seeing my friend as a new mom. 
Since I publish our blog into a book for our family every year, here's a synopsis of our trip.
Monday: Arrive into ABQ in the early afternoon.  Shannon was waiting for us at the airport.  Seeing her after such a long time brought tears to my eyes.  She scooped up the girls and hugged us tightly.  I was so happy to see Conrad with his beautiful sister, together.  We got settled in our hotel, drove by our old house, then headed out to one of our favorite hang-outs, the Cottonwood Mall.  We got some gifts for the cousins and ate Edo's at the food court.  It was cute because that's something Conrad and I used to do with Bronwen and Ava almost every Friday night.  To have Cate sitting there with us too, speechless. :-)  The unexpected surprise?  Letting the girls go on a carousel ride in the mall (I forgot it was there) and Cate is obsessed with them!  That night we met everyone at BJ's Pub and Grill and had a great time laughing and talking over pizza.  It touched my heart to see the girls with their cousins.  I made a vow to get out there more often.  I want them to know their family.
Tuesday: We met everyone at Hello Deli for breakfast.  This is where Conrad and I used to go when we began dating and where we actually had our wedding reception.  We're addicted to their food.  I remember after Conrad first took me there, I loved the breakfast burrito so much that I tried to make it that night for dinner.  It did not taste the same LOL!  After eating, we went to visit our good friends, Fotini and Don, to meet their tiny miracles.  My heart filled with joy to see her as a mom.  She is proof that God answers prayers.  I was able to photograph Eisley and Solomon and once again, God held my hand.  The photos were out of this world! :-)  In the meantime, Bronwen, Ava and Cate were entertaining Puma and Raimy, Fotini and Don's dogs.  They even groomed them! :-)  After visiting for a few hours we took the girls to Rudy's for the world's best barbecue.  They loved it!  We went back to the hotel and swam with their cousins.  Conrad also got to visit with the girls' Uncle Ruben.  What a wonderful day!
Wednesday: We went sight-seeing.  Took the girls to UNM, drove around Albuquerque and went to Old Town.  Then we met the best co-workers a person could have.  Many of my old friends from the labs met us for lunch at Dion's.  I miss my friends and love them so much.  It meant a lot that they would take the time to see us.  That night we went to Aunt MaryEllen and Uncle Adolph's house.  That beautiful woman can cook!!! :-)  Homemade beans, tamales, chicken, red chili, you name it.  Everything tasted wonderful!  The girls were once again obsessed with their dog, Bullet.  The funniest part was watching Ava pull Cate up the slide on a playing structure in the back yard with a hose, with Bullet trying to hump Cate.  It was hilarious!  Then he was trying to hump Bronwen.  Cate said, "Bullet is dancing like a ballerina."  Hahahaha!  I got teary when Adolph was so generous and gave all the kids a present.  I love you, MaryEllen and Adolph so much.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity. :'-)
Thursday: Time to go home. 
We are so blessed to have the most amazing family and friends in the world.  I can't wait until we go back next year.  I love you guys!!