Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet the new addition to the family, Sally

Conrad is on cloud nine. I don't think he even knows what to do with himself!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My obsession with Facebook...

I realize it's been quite a while since I've updated our site, and I blame it all on Facebook!

I had been using MySpace for a few years, but it seemed like I could never find other people who used it. So after hearing a third friend tell me about Facebook, I decided to check it out. Let me say it is FABULOUS!

Over the course of one weekend I was able to connect to all of my cousins in South America, the majority of my friends from high school, and other great friends from Sandia Labs. I would definitely recommend this site for anyone who is interested in finding lost friends (a girl from my elementary school found me!) or family, or anyone who just wants an easy way to keep in touch with people.

Before FB I would tell people that I didn't really care about what my classmates were up to. Once I signed up (it's free) however, I realized how much I did miss some of my classmates, even though I hadn't thought of them in years. It's been wonderful to catch up with people and to see how much we've all changed. I am very thankful for this advancement in technology!

On another topic, we got hit with more winter weather (it snowed on and off all last weekend) and then again today. I swear the snowflakes that fell this morning were the largest I've ever seen. The girls had a great time running outside to catch them. :-)

My Facebook Pic

March snow!

Mom! Catch!

Bronwen and Ava burying figurines; cute or creepy?