Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

I've decided that whoever says staying at a hotel is fun must not have small children! We have been at the Embassy Suites in Bellevue since the 29th, waiting for our furniture to arrive. EDT is now Saturday, June 7th. The first couple of days went by quickly as Conrad & I had plenty of running around to do. We signed all of the paperwork for our home, bought a new washer & dryer -I've had my eye on the front-loader units & moving was the perfect excuse to get them, & met with friends. Then Monday came; time for Conrad to go to the office.

Monday was pretty fun. There's a local children's museum about a mile away from the hotel, so I decided to try that. We got to the museum, & saw a large sign that read, "Closed on Mondays." I had already hyped up the day for the girls, so we couldn't very well turn around and go home. Instead, we went to Petsmart, & pretended we were visiting a local zoo. :-) Cheesy, I know, but the girls actually really loved it. We got a few warmer outfits for them (I didn't realize it was so cold, therefore only packed light-weight stuff), ate lunch, then went back to the hotel. Around 3 pm we were well-rested, & decided to venture out to a nearby park -fabulous! The girls played for about an hour and a half, then we picked up dinner, & then picked up Daddy. The day was great! Tuesday on the other hand...

Now that we knew the hours of the museum, we went back on Tuesday, mid-morning. The girls had a blast! Bronwen loved 'driving' in a full-size truck cab they had set up, & Ava loved playing on the piano in the music area. A little tip for other Seattle moms; I wouldn't recommend going at the beginning of the week, especially if you have multiple children. It was a zoo with babies, toddlers & kids everywhere. This made it a little difficult to keep my eyes on Bronwen & Ava at once (now they're into different things). Two hours later, I was ready to go. Bronwen wasn't. As soon as I told her we were leaving, suddenly her legs were, "So tired, I can't walk. Pick me up. You never pick me up." I felt bad, but I couldn't carry both at the same time. Needless to say, she fussed most of the way to the car (then napped in the car). Good times. ;-)

Now the afternoon...I kind of had the blues. It had been raining all day (yes, I know we moved to Seattle), & I didn't feel like getting everyone in the car again to go somewhere. I wanted to take the girls to the park again, but they only have sandals (tennis shoes are still in a box, in transit), & I didn't want their feet to get all wet. Right when I was really feeling sorry for myself, the rain stopped, & the sun came out. I put on my running shoes, & loaded the girls in the stroller. I went to the front desk at the hotel & got a map of a 2.5 mile run. We hit the pavement! I got in a great run, & Bronwen & Ava were happy to run around at the park again. We played for an hour, then headed back. Disaster struck!

I was at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change, when I realized that the stroller wouldn't roll. The front tire came off! The girls climbed out of the stroller, while I attempted to fix the wheel. Somehow the fork got bent, which caused the lock for the wheel to come undone. Fortunately Darcie & her son, Gavin, stopped to help us. She loaded the stroller in her van, & we climbed in. We were both laughing at the circumstances, & I couldn't stop repeatedly telling her how grateful I was. My first new friend in Seattle. :-) We exchanged numbers, & plan on having a play date when we're settled in.

Conrad the hero fixed the stroller last night. What a sweetheart!