Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Baby Turns 2!

Cate is the most adorable creature who has ever lived. Of course this is because she has two equally adorable sisters to copy from.

I have told several of my friends this before, but I'll say it here. I never realized how much I wanted a third baby until I became pregnant with Cate. And now that she's here, forget it. :-) She brings so much fun & magic in our lives, I can say I wouldn't be the same person without her.

Do you know this baby holds your face close to hers with her two little hands, looks you in the eyes & says, "I yuv you."

When we get Ava from school she literally runs up to her & hugs her while exclaiming, "Aya!!!" (not a typo)

When we get Bronwen from school she reaches out her tiny hands & says, "Hi Bronween!!" & touches her face.

She runs on her tiptoes like a little fairy.

She loves her "Dora ones" (underwear, t-shirt, shoes, books, the show).

She is mixture of Bronwen & Ava. She loves to be clean & neat & organized like Bronwen, but loves pretending to be an animal & loves every toy Ava loves.

She says, "Tuckaweeee!!" when she wants to be picked up.

She draws spiders (little squiggles) & then shouts, "Eeeek!"

She climbs into Ava or Bronwen's bed (whoever's room we're in first), when it's night-night time, but then protests when Conrad & I leave the room.

She makes a diamond with her hands when we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

She LOVES Queen & will literally sing along with it. "We will, we will quock quock!" Hahahaha! And, she asks for Johnny Cash. "Cash?"

She will dance to anything!

She is completely POTTY TRAINED!!!!! I know, unreal! Though sometimes I still hear the dreaded, "Mama, poo-poo pants." Ha!

She is our little gift from heaven, & with three little angels, now I understand why somebody coined that phase.

Happy birthday my little love. I love you so much & am blessed to be your mama.


Every time I sit down to update our blog I get side-tracked. :-) Some highlights of Christmas 2011:

Bianca & Kevin's Wedding Dec 15-17th
Duffy Christmas Party Dec 17th
My Aunt Emma & Uncle Jose & my mom coming out to visit us Dec 19th & 20th -we took them to our favorite Thai restaurant & had food family-style -LOVED!
Getting bad colds....all week until Christmas!

I swear, after all the festivities I hadn't slept so hard in a long time.

This time, I'll let the pictures paint a thousand words because I'm being too lazy to write more. To be honest though, I find it hard to believe I'm a photographer when I look at our "normal" pictures. They look like crap haha! Oh well, at least I'm getting some in of us. :-)

Okay, now that I'm actually looking at some of the pictures, I better write more. The little girls decorated sugar cookies for Santa by themselves (the photo). It was adorable! They picked the biggest cookie & put it on a plate, along with a glass of milk. In the morning, they found a magical note!

Conrad got me a wonderful 50 mm prime lens -the photos are off the wall, crazy! I got Conrad the Twilight Zone Audio CDs (his favorite gift) & the girls were set with Barbie stuff, Crayon Maker (awesome) & all other sorts of goodies.

We are very blessed to have our life together. I wish everyone a wonderful New Year!