Saturday, October 27, 2012

Storybook Theater

What to do on a lazy Saturday when daddy is at work?  Go see a play!  Today I took the girls for their first ever "real" play (with the exception of Ava, this is her third, as her preschool went to a couple).  It was an adaptation of The Three Little Pigs.  The wolf was hilarious!  We laughed out loud & Cate thorougly enjoyed clapping after each song. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The real reason why the girls are so smart...

We read a lot in the Douglas household. Need I say more? :-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Conrad's Birthday

Conrad's birthday was like the 12 days of Christmas haha!  At the beginning of the month I asked him what he wanted.
Running Shoes - We've been running together 3 miles 4-5 times a week & his shoes were starting to wear out.  He needed to order his shoes online & since we were running anyway, I told him to just go ahead & order them.  They arrived 3 weeks before his birthday. 
Me, " What else do you need for your birthday?"
Workout Clothes- We did the vinegar trick several times with our workout gear, but it was time to get new clothes (no amount of washing/detergent/vinegar was going to get the sour smell out).  We went to Target & it was one of those trips where everything fit perfectly & was a great color & cost.  We hooked him up.
Me, "Conrad, I want you to have something for your actual birthday though."
Protein Shaker- The perfect gift the girls wrapped up for their daddy on his birthday.

On Conrad's birthday morning the girls & I decorated the kitchen with streamers & signs for him while he was at the gym.  He was incredibly happy & surprised when he got home.  Then he had to work.  While he was working we made him a triple layer chocolate & vanilla cake.  The girls put the layers together (they even frosted everything) & put the candles on.  We made him his favorite dinner -enchiladas.  God, I love that man. 

Terrific Tots Playground

"Rolling down the highway!  Looking for adventure!" 
OMG, is this the funniest picture of Cate or what?  Every Tuesday Conrad & I take her to the Terrific Tots Playground at our local community center.  For an hour children get to play in bliss on all kinds of play equipment that fills one of the center's basketball courts.  Cate reminds me of one of those balls in a pinball machine as she bounces from one fun thing to the next.  Her favorites?  The "Lighting McQuing" car as she calls it & a springy rocking horse.  It's a great program (only $28 & the kids get to play every Tuesday in September through December -adds up to <$2 a visit).  We're so fortunate to have such a robust recreational program.  :-)

Smile Train

Bronwen & Ava came downstairs the other night showing me a picture of a baby who needed surgery for her cleft lip.  Underneath was a form where people could donate money for the Smile Train co-op.  They asked what that was all about, so Conrad & I explained how people's donations could help provide surgery for babies like the one in the photograph.  Bronwen got her money.  Ava got her money.  Ava said, "I want to help this baby because babies are the most important people & they can't help themselves.  If we don't help them, then they never get a chance to grow up."  I get tears in my eyes even writing it.  Conrad addressed the envelope for them.  I live with angels.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy October!!

We're ready for Halloween!!  Conrad is working weekends (taking Mondays & Tuesdays off), so this leaves plenty of wonderful time for me to spend with the girls.  We decided that on Saturdays we'd run any errands, but Sundays would be left to relax & have some quality time together.  I got out the mower, did the front & the back lawn as the girls drew on the sidewalk with chalk.  Then we pulled out the Halloween decorations.  One of my favorite things of being a mom is that you get to relive the magic felt during the holidays.  Bronwen & Ava actually hammered in the stakes to hold "Scary Scarecrow" the inflatable in place & Cate enjoyed pushing him down.  After the decorations were up, we pulled weeds, & cut branches for about an hour.  Charlie kept trying to pull all of the weeds out of the bucket OMG!  Even though I threatened about four times that we were going to put him back in the backyard, he somehow survived haha!  Then, ironically, because we are in Seattle & it is October, we watered the lawn.  I'm happy & thankful for the dry weather though.  First, the sun gives me so much energy & second because I have my preschool photo shoots on Wednesday & Thursday.  They're going to be outside -pumpkins, colorful leaves, water, trees, adorable children...  I'm excited to share the final product on Friday. :-)  Until then, happy October from our home to yours!!