Friday, July 13, 2012

Goin' Fishing

After almost 11 years of marriage, there are still so many "firsts" between Conrad & me.  Today he took me fishing.  It was the first time I'd ever been fishing in my life.  I got to share it with our girls.

Seeing him buy the rods & put his fishing kit together was like watching a child in a candy store.  He was so happy!  He even taught the girls how to cast out their line in the front yard. 

The best part is when we all swore Conrad had something on the end of his line.  Bronwen saw it move, then she started to reel it in.  "Dad!  You have a fish!"  Conrad said, "No, trust me, I don't, but I think I have something (you just drug up from the bottom of the lake, Bronwen)."  He was a good sport & let the child continue to reel in the line.  It was "ta-da!" a bunch of grass that he tried make look like a snake for their enjoyment!  That was all we caught LOL! :-)

A cool part is that at least we got to see how the bait drew in a lot of minnows.  Another cool part was that there were many dragonflies flying around.  There was one in particular, a blue one, that kept hovering nearby.  It seriously came by about 10-15 times we were there.  An angel, maybe?  I asked Conrad if his mom liked the color blue. 

If you have the time, take your babies fishing.  It's one of the best memories I now have.  Thank you, my love.