Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Dates

We go somewhere almost every day. I love this time with the best girls ever.  :-)

Summer = Swimming Lessons

Being that we're completely surrounded by water in our gorgeous state and own a boat, we sign the girls up for swimming lessons every year. It's such a great tradition!  :-)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bronwen's Birthday!

We have a 10-year-old in the house! Bronwen, I love you so much and am so lucky to be your mom! Right now Bronwen is into Taylor Swift, hamsters and the usual, reading! She's made good friends with our new neighbors' daughter, and they just ride their bikes each afternoon when they can! I love you, sweetheart!

My birthday

Mellow! My honey took the day off. We worked out, grocery shopped and hit Starbucks before getting the girls from school. I can't believe I'm 35!  ;-)

Day 6 of Summer

Adventures are in the air! Each week the girls and I chose one big field (i.e. one that costs money). This week's adventure led us to the Seattle Aquarium and then the carousel.

Day 7 Summer Vacation

Conrad and I have really been on a health kick this week to knock out a few extra pounds. With long summer days and all my angels home from school, we've gotten into homemade food. A few days ago was our amazing lemonade and today was homemade pizza! Delicious and so fun!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 1 of Vacation

We ran around getting things for Bronwen's birthday. Got home and made lunch. It was sunny, so we decided to eat outside. Our table is normally on the patio, in the shade. Ava said, "I wish our table was in the sun." I said, "Why not?" We moved it to the middle of the grass. Then it got too bright, lol, so I ran inside and got our sunglasses. As we were eating, I looked around and thought we looked so funny -almost like The Matrix. Ha!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

The most meaningful gift is one that is homemade, from your little children. They give all that they have, everything they treasure. Cate made me a pendant in school on Thursday and every day asked me, "Mom? Is it Mother's Day today?" She was so excited for me to see it. Ava invited me to a "Queen for the Day," celebration at her school. She made me a beautiful book, her class read, "I Love You Forever," had a slideshow with a picture of each child and a quote about their mom. Then we had dessert. It was wonderful. Bronwen had the idea of making me a pennant that said, "Happy Mother's Day," and hung it in secret in the kitchen before I came downstairs. Conrad brought me flowers and made his famous breakfast burritos. We went to the Pacific Science Center and saw the Secret World of Spies. We got pizza. This was my favorite Mother's Day. I'm so lucky to be a mom to the best girls in the world.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Visiting Daddy

I couldn't be prouder of my husband. Conrad, I love you so much! Thank you for taking us to lunch and giving us a glimpse of Microsoft life.  :-)

Scouting Locations

During Spring Break the girls went with me to meet my clients at their wedding venue. They had a great time exploring and we went to McDonald's for breakfast. Super cozy!

On a funny note, Ava's white pants were a magnet for dirt. First mud splatters, then syrup, right on the crouch. It looked like a diarrhea disaster lol! She changed add soon as we got home.  ;-)

Mommy's Helper!

Cate was helping me test out the props for the Daddy Daughter Dance  ;-)

Cate and Brownie

Cate got to take her class pet, Brownie, home for the week. She was super excited! When Conrad home, she made him close his eyes to reveal her surprise!


We went to a birthday party at the Seattle Children's Museum and had a great time!

Go Seahawks!

We are major Seahawks fans! Got the t-shirts, and I swear, every Blue Friday felt like a holiday around town. Everyone is in their gear, giving the head nod and showing their Seattle pride! We got Papa Murphy's pizza on game days and had a blast. We couldn't have been prouder of our team and our city. Go Hawks!!  :-)

Cate is 4!

Our baby turned 4 and celebrated in style! The girls and I made her a Frozen cake and we all went to Chuck-E-Cheese's! On top of it, they had a little celebration for her at preschool! Things she loves:

Movie: Frozen
Color: Pink
Book: Call me Lucky
Animal: Oreo, her stuffed dog
Place: Zoo

We sure love you, girl!

We moved!

We moved into our dream home last month!