Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas wishes do come true!! :-)

Ava got her dream gift.  That sweet little angel even let her sisters join in on the fun. :-)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Staycation: The Beginning

I can't help it, I just love my girls & my family.  I love it when the girls smother me with their stories about school.  I love it when they snuggle with us in bed.  I love family movie nights.  So, of course I was so happy when I picked them up from school on Thursday afternoon.

On Thursday Bronwen & Ava had their final Fall hip-hop dance class, which ended with a performance for the parents.  Conrad, my love, came straight from work so he could see them perform.  What an amazing dad.  Bronwen & Ava did awesome, as always.  It's so fun to watch grow in their skills -their movements are smoother & they definitely have a sense of rhythm now.  That evening we stayed up late & I read them a few chapters of a little Christmas book called "True Gift" in our bed.  It was cozy!

Friday, we had a whirl-wind of a day.  Conrad went to work, I took the girls to the gym, then we made a pit stop to buy Conrad some Christmas presents.  He's going to be happy!!!  We had some lunch & I showered, but by the time we were all actually ready to go to the grocery store I was pooped.  Funny how all the effort into getting ready makes you too tired to go anywhere haha!  I told the girls I needed to just sit for a few minutes.  They had the great idea of building our gingerbread house.  We had a blast.  Charlie & Cate enjoyed sneaking in all the little candies they found. :-)  Bronwen & Ava too, for that matter. 

We went to the store & got our groceries & Christmas Eve dinner prep & finally came home.  I made Chicken Corden Bleu (Yum!), pasta & green beans.  We celebrated when Conrad came home -he sold two cars that day -Hooray!- & ended the day with more reading on the bed & hugs & kisses.  It's been a great staycation so far.  I'm filled with such joy to be home with the girls & Conrad. 

To everyone out there, Merry Christmas from the Douglas household.