Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Portland Trip/ Grandpa's Birthday

Once again can I say how wonderful it is to be a few hours away from my wonderful family? I got some great pictures of the family, went out to eat, took long walks to the park, and capped off the visit celebrating my dad's birthday. Fun times!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Conrad, Me and Cate

Cate is 11 weeks old, and it is amazing how quickly she is growing and changing! At night, she has started sleeping 6.5 hrs in a row, waking up only to eat, then goes back to bed. So far she is the best sleeper. :-) Conrad, the girls and I are just soaking her up. Some fun things:

-She loves icing (Bronwen was "feeding" her some off of her donut)
-She smiles the most when she first wakes up and when she's being changed
-She loves bath-time
-She needs to be in somebody's arms at all times -yikes, I know, but at least my arms are getting buff haha!

I am so proud of her and her awesome sisters. :-)