Friday, February 20, 2009

Uncle Joe Comes to Town

I think everyone's favorite part of Uncle Joe's visit is right now. It's Friday night and he's laying on the living room floor making a "Rudolph the Reindeer" flashlight puppet with the girls. The girls are having a blast because Rudolph is talking about Christmas, and I'm entertained because Rudolph's voice is a cross between Guido the Italian and Nana the New Jersey Grandma. It's hilarious!

Some highlights were riding to the top of the Space Needle, taking the monorail to Pike's Place Market, and having the best clam chowder. I am so happy to see how much the girls love their uncle. His visit was special, and I think we all wish we could live near each other again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Conrad came home today to find the kitchen a disaster, and me standing exhausted by the sink.

"I need your help," I told him.

He exhaled loudly (he's not a fan of home projects), but started rolling up his sleeves.

"I promise it's easy and won't take long," I said.

One hour later, we had our new kitchen faucet completely installed. To my credit, I did everything. This included shutting down the main water line to our house, which requires a special tool, just so you know. All I needed Conrad for was to teflon the fittings and tighten them.

Disclaimer: This project kicked my butt. It took me in total four hours and two trips to Lowes.

I originally bought a new faucet and sprayer because our old ones were leaking (and I secretly wanted new ones to match the new cabinet hardware). However when I took things apart, I realized the problem wasn't the faucet or the sprayer, but the cold water valve. It wasn't controlling the water flow properly. This malfunction was creating a large amount of pressure on the line, which caused seals to pop in the faucet and sprayer. So there I was, an hour later, back at Lowes to pick up new valves, flexible tubing, and the special tool to turn off the main water line. By the time Conrad had come home my arm was just too fatigued to go under the cabinet again.

I have to say that it will be a while before I do another home project. But I did love what Conrad told me when things were done. "Michelle, no one can say that you don't have cajones!" Con, thanks for being a great sport.

Old faucet: Notice how sprayer is laying over the sink so it won't leak water to the cabinet

New faucet: Notice sprayer is in a proper upright position (ha-ha)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friends and Family

Today I am feeling very thankful for all of my friends and family. Sunday was a blast even though we didn't watch the superbowl (Gasp!) because my family came out and we celebrated my sister Natasha's birthday. Who needs football when you have homemade lasagna, cake and great company? On Monday the girls and I had the best time with Cami and her daughter at the park. Oh how we love to see baby Courtney! Tuesday I got together with another mom at a duck pond and possibly had the muddiest play date ever. Today I renewed a friendship with my friend Stacey from high school and watched our children (Wow, we have kids!) play together. Later on this month we have Uncle Joe coming out to visit us from Albuquerque. I am so happy to have such wonderful friends and a close family. I am blessed to have the girls grow up this way, surrounded by so many people who love them.

Friends Equal Home Projects

I resumed my home projects not too long ago in anticipation of the girls' Uncle Joe's visit later on this month. My goal was to do about one project per week. Well the pressure went up a notch after talking to my friend Stacey, who I haven't seen since high school, and planned a play date for today. I went to Ikea on Tuesday and bought some light fixtures. All can I say is the McCain/Palin mantra, "Drill, baby drill!" After nine months of talking about it, we finally have lighting in the family room (that doesn't include Christmas lights!) and guest bedroom (which the girls like to call "Anna's room" -don't ask, I don't know where they got that). Stacey and Joe thank you for motivating me to finally get this done!