Friday, October 11, 2013

There are several times a week when I just sit and look at the girls, Conrad and Charlie and am so happy to be a stay at home mommy.   I like the fact that I get make Conrad lunches and take care of the home stuff while he's working hard at Microsoft.  I love getting to say goodbye to the girls each morning and wish them a wonderful day, "Fulfill your destiny!", and then scoop them up when they get home.  I know they're fed, they're comfortable and they're together.  I love getting to spend time with Cate and Charlie during the day.  Charlie is sheltered from the rain, gets to go on walks with Cate and me to the park almost every day, hangs out with us whether we're in Cate's room playing Barbies, in the living room reading stories or in the kitchen, doing everything else.  I tell him he's so lucky that he's a stay at home doggie. :-) Life is sooooooo short, and I don't mind waiting a little bit until I can work full time.  These are the things that are important to me and I am thankful for this job as Mommy. 

Conrad's Birthday!!

It's no secret that Conrad LOVES TLC's show, Amish Mafia.  I admit, it's actually pretty good (it's not like that stupid other show, Amish: Brave New World -yuck!).  For his birthday, the girls and I wanted to surprise him with his birthday cake.  We had some cowboy, horse, carriage and fence figurines laying around -everything we'd need for an Amish Mafia cake.  Bronwen and Ava painted two of the cowboys in Merlin and Lebanon Levi attire and Cate painted the horses.  We had Conrad sit at the table and cover his eyes.  He loved it! :-)  It was the perfect evening!  Conrad, happy birthday my angel.  I'm so happy you're in the world and that I get to spend my life with you.  


Your Chelle