Saturday, November 24, 2012

This year I wanted to make sure I got our family photos out. Fortunately for us the weather held (something I added on my "Things to be Thankful for" list). Truth be told, I was only going to use the bench & chalkboard sign as props for our photos, but at the last minute I grabbed a drawer of ornaments from the garage & literally tossed it into the back of my Jeep. I'm so glad I did. It's the perfect blend of formal portraits with a touch of whimsy. Christmas magic. :-)

I took these photos using my Canon 5D Mark III, 28-135 mm lens, tripod & remote trigger (Saved my life!). From left to right is Ava (7 yrs), me (Michelle Douglas), Cate (2 yrs), Conrad (my husband of 11 yrs), Charlie (5 mo Australian Shepherd), & Bronwen (8 yrs).

Happy holidays, from our family to yours.
~Michelle Douglas

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reaching for the Stars~

Conrad & I went to Bronwen's & Ava's parent-teacher conferences yesterday. 
Bronwen received "4's" in almost every area (exceeds grade-level expectations) & is off the charts (literally) in her reading & math scores.  There was one benchmark where children were supposed to be at 70 to be on target & Bronwen was at 156.  OMG! 
Ava... out of her classmates, she is the best reader in her class (no surprise as she is taking lead from her big sister in their shared love for reading).  She was the only one who got a perfect score for her reading comprehension test.  She is 1 out of 5 in the class who are already into subtraction story problems.
Conrad & I are incredibly blessed to have daughter who are so intelligent.  The sky is the limit for them. :-)

Ava's Birthday :-)

Since Ava was my little baby, she has always been my heart with feet.  The love she feels for other people & animals is incredibly beautiful.  She is kind, compassionate, incredibly smart with her uncanny ability to recall facts & her photographic memory, imaginative (she still loves to show us how she growls like a jaquar & runs like a bear), a talented artist (Her pictures have so much life in them!), empathic & loving.  The best way to describe her is that she just feels so much in her little heart.  Ava, Daddy & I are so proud to be your parents & love you very much.  You are a blessing.

Halloween 2012

This year mama got to take the girls (plus Charlie) out for Halloween! We had so much fun getting ready & an even better time gathering candy.  Bronwen was brave enough to go into the neighborhood haunted house this year, while Ava, Cate, Charlie & I waited eagerly for her to come back out.  I think next year Ava will be ready.  What a great time!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Funny ;-)

 The night before last, Conrad, the girls & I were watching The Amazing Spiderman. The movie was almost over, but Cate just couldn't stay up any longer. She grabbed her blankie ("Fluffsies") & laid on the floor. She fell asleep with Conrad & I tickling her back. Now that his tormenter was asleep, Charlie came over from the kitchen & curled up right next to her. It was definitely a photo moment. Conrad & I both took pictures & sent them to my sisters. Within a few seconds my phone buzzed with a text. This is what my sisters did. Hahahahaha (Natasha took the photo of Bianca). I swear, this was one the funniest & most clever responses. :-) I love you guys! :-)